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Swan Fabrics is trusted by today’s leading designers to create the best finished fabrics in the market. Now Swan Fabrics has partnered with leading online shopping sites to bring the best directly to today’s home shopper.



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From fiber to finished product

Swan is the only textile printer making finished products from the designer fabrics it prints.

Swan knows first-hand the importance of quality from the raw fabric through to final inspection. Often the finished product manufacturer does not know how to determine if the particular fabric is of the proper construction or has the correct color application to create the desired end result. Years of experience enable Swan to make the highest quality finished products.

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Attention at every stage of the process – from raw good to finished print

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Swan Finishing was founded in 1958 in Swansea, Massachusetts from where the company received its name. In 1972, Swan moved to a newly constructed facility in Fall River, Massachusetts. Swan still manufactures from this facility. In 2004, a new company, Swan Dyeing and Printing, was established to both succeed Swan Finishing and signify a new approach to servicing an ever-changing marketplace. In 2016, Swan Dyeing and Printing changed its name to Swan Fabrics to reflect its transition into finished products which complements and expands upon its fabric processing expertise.

Swan is a short-run, high-quality manufacturing facility serving the indoor and outdoor fabric market. Today Swan Fabrics is the only full service non-military commission dyeing and printing operation in America.

Swan has grown to be the solution for domestic fabric printing needs because, “We Know the Chemistry.”

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